Engagement Rings: How are They Made?

Engagement rings mark a special moment in time between two people- a togetherness which is solidified even more with a token of love, respect, and mutual appreciation. It also marks a step forward in a relationship towards marriage and for that many couples yearly flock to online or offline stores to get their dream ring. But how about we tell you here, how engagement rings are actually made?

The Diamond

When the ‘buy’ option is clicked in online stores, then the diamond is either selected from the in-house inventory or it could also be shipped to a production facility from a trusted diamond supplier. Generally, the diamond is chosen from suppliers because the overhead costs of security and maintenance are too high for inventories, but a small inventory of rare diamonds and such are kept. The diamond then:

  • Receives a quality check from a gemologist. This is to ensure that quality standards are met.
  • The diamond is carefully polished. Then it is sent to the bench jeweler so that it can be paired with the selected ring setting.

The Setting

The ways engagement rings are created:

  • If the diamond is not chosen as part of the setting then it is cast later on.
  • The precious metal is pressed between two hardened steel plates that carry the cutouts of the desired shape. This is called die striking. However, intricate designs are difficult to create with this.
  • A milling machine has a tube of metal rotated on it. The excess metal is then trimmed away till the desired ring width is achieved.

Building The Ring

When the diamond and the ring setting is brought to the jeweler then an inspection is done to check for quality. Then the individual parts are given to begin the building process:

  • The ring band is resized to the correct size. It is easy to resize excessively big ones but resizing from small to big takes time.
  • The band is then coupled with a ring head which depends on the style of the ring setting ordered- it can be halo, solitaire or any other style.
  • The ring head is then soldered to the band.
  • The settlers who are specialist jewelers set the center stone. If it’s not done properly then it could come off and be lost. That’s why this is the part of the process which requires the most skill and experience.
  • Then the prongs are bent securely around the diamond so that it’s secure.


After mounting the diamond, the ring is inspected for quality assurance. The size of the ring and is also checked as well to make sure that its hasn’t become distorted during the setting phase.


After quality checks, each ring is polished using a rotating polishing brush so as to ensure that it sparkles when presented.

Then it is packed into a box and delivered to the customer. A trusted and reputed maker will take care to make each one so that it can be part of the perfect proposal.