Glass Pool Fencing Maintenance and Cleaning

Having frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fencing is an added amazement for our home once it is installed but it is also a fact that it needs maintenance and cleaning. Please bear in mind that poor maintenance and use of the inferior product may detriment or deteriorate the glass pool fencing. To take care properly of our glass pool, we provided guidelines for cleaning and maintenance of your glass pool fencing, check it out below.


  1. The first thing you do when you need to clean it is to splash the glass with hose water to get rid of light blemishes and stains. With the combination of dishwashing detergent and warm water, you may use a soft bristle brush or washing sponge to apply it on the glass. You may also use a soft broom for portions that are hard to reach and to make cleaning easier but for tough blemishes like bird droppings, you need to wipe it with a soft sponge and some detergents. At the same time, use this detergent mixture to clean the spigots and fence.


  1. After sponging it with detergent, simply hose off the soap residue with water to prevent streaking. In addition to that, you can also use window cleaner or paper towel for a better shine though it may cost you more effort than using hose and brush.


How To Clean And Maintain The Glass Panels, Spigots, And Other Accessories Of The Glass Pool Fencing


Your glass pool fencing is equipped with other accessories like spigots which are usually of the stainless material. This may shine like brand new always with some nanocoating or other polishing product. The polish will create a protective shine and barrier layer which will keep dirt, grime, and rust to show too soon. One can simply wipe it on the spigot with a hand towel. There are also issues with fences and spigot over time or it is a result of poor installation. This includes loosening or misalignment. This will make your glass pool fencing panels move. Make sure you contact the installer when it happens to avoid further damage and unfortunate events that may lead to harming anyone. Other than misalignment, you also need to call installing company’s services when the pool gate cannot be close properly. This will ensure premises from unwanted entry and it can be fixed with some adjustments on the hinge and latch.


If the glass panel of your frameless glass pool loses over time, the spigots that are clamped on it can be tightened by screwdriver of with the use of Alan key if it is friction spigots however with compression spigots, this kind of issue is unlikely to arise since it uses bolts system pierce on hole of the glass. Misalignment of the glass panel can also be fixed by adjusting the spigots or the fence, but for a better fix and to avoid causing another problem, it is better to call for a professional service.