How to stage your home in the best possible way?


If you are planning to sell your house, you would definitely want to have the best deal on it. Whether you are selling just because you want to shift or you are in need of money, you would definitely want to get as much out of the transaction as possible. And that would be possible only if the house is well liked by the prospective buyers who would be ready to shell out a good amount for the house.

But how to make buyers like your property so much that they would be willing to pay the price set by you? This is where real estate staging comes into the picture. By staging a house properly, you can easily entice property buyers and get a good deal on the house. But how exactly do you do it? Well, here is some useful information for you.

Work on the curb

The first step to successful real estate staging is to improve the driveway or curb that leads to the house. If you have hedges, keep them trimmed. If the area is landscaped, make sure that it is neat and well maintained so that the first impression is really good and the buyers start liking the house before they even enter it.

Get rid of clutter

A clumsy home is something that no one likes and if you do want to make the house sell for a good price, you have to ensure that the buyers like what they see. So, to make real estate staging successful, get rid of anything that isn’t required anymore. Also, put all necessary things in their right place. Free up floor space and keep things arranged. This will make the house look spacious and nice.

Organize things for a better appeal

If the house has a lot of furniture, appliances, etc. it would be better to arrange them in a way that they add to the appeal of the house. If you have a nice looking table that you usually use in your study, you may want to shift it to the living room where it will easily attract attention. You may also like to place vintage, antique or valuable items in places where people usually look while visiting the house.

Manage the lighting

To enhance the appeal of the house, it would be prudent that you manage the lighting of the house as well. Natural lighting is the most important factor here. Allow as much light to enter the rooms as possible. You may use skylights, mirrors, etc for the purpose. Additionally, make sure that the artificial lighting system is well placed and offers ambient yet good light in all the rooms, foyer, kitchen, bathrooms, staircases, etc.

Keep it neutral

You may have certain preferences as to the décor of your house and its various areas, but the prospective buyer may not share your enthusiasm. So, an important point to follow in real estate staging is that you keep the total décor neutral and sober so that no buyer may be appalled at what they see.