Must consider factors before installing a pallet racking system


Pallet racking systems can be of great use if you happen to have a warehouse where you frequently store a variety of items. But before you install one to ease your way, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. This is important because the perfect choice of pallet racking Auckland can not only save you labour and time but will also help make your warehouse more functional and useful. So here is a list of the few things that you ought to ponder over before making a choice –

  1. Requirements – The first and foremost point to consider are your requirements. What sort of goods are you planning to store and what sort of system would facilitate the process? Would have goods of varying weights? Will they need to be pulled out frequently? Will the pallet racks require adjustments often? And so on. Understanding your exact needs is the first step towards a good choice of pallet racking Auckland
  2. Inventory management – You also need to give a thought to how you manage your inventory of items. Do items that go in first, leave the racks first? Or do items that are entered into the inventory last, leave first? According to whether you run a FIFO or LIFO-based inventory system, the choice of the racking system needs to be made. The racking system must be in tandem with your management methods for a smooth running of operations.
  3. Available space – Space crunch is often an issue with different warehouses and the racking system must look to maximise the use of the space available. This is possible only when the right system is chosen according to the layout, structure and available space of the warehouse.
  4. Forklift access – Consider whether you need the forklift trucks to directly access your inventory and if so, the access system must be well considered for pallet racking Auckland mechanisms that allow the access. Continuous interaction with the forklifts mustn’t, in any way, affect the durability and utility of the racking systems.
  5. Aisle width – Different racking systems offer different aisle widths and this becomes an important factor if you want the forklifts to directly access the inventory. Not only that, certain types of items in your inventory may need wider aisle widths than other items and the availability of the proper space must be guaranteed before installing the pallet racking Auckland mechanism in your warehouse.
  6. Safety – The safety of the items as well as people working in the warehouse needs to be guaranteed in every way possible. So, it would be prudent to choose a pallet racking Auckland mechanism that promises safety and is reliable. Not only that, if the warehouse is in a zone that’s prone to quakes, you can install special safety features that will resist against regular quakes and will impede any harm that may have otherwise been caused.
  7. Maintenance Pallet racking Auckland is usually a long term investment. So, the choice of the system must be so made that the overall maintenance costs and labor aren’t quite high. Spares must be readily available in the market and replacement should be easy.